The Sociopath Next Door

by Martha Stout

Who is the devil youknow?

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 256 pages
  • Average Rating: 3.75 out of 5
  • Published March 14th 2006 by Harmony
  • Original Title: The Sociopath Next Door
  • ISBN: 0767915828 (ISBN13: 9780767915823)
  • Edition Language: English

Who is the devil you know? Is it your lying, cheating ex-husband?Your sadistic high school gym teacher?Your boss who loves to humiliate people in meetings?The colleague who stole your idea and passed it off as her own? In the pages of The Sociopath Next Door, you will realize that your ex was not just misunderstood. He’s a sociopath. And your boss, teacher, and colleague? They might be sociopaths too. We are accustomed to think of sociopaths as violent criminals, but Harvard psychologist Martha Stout reveals that four percent of ordinary people–one in twenty-five–has an often undetected mental disorder, the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience. He or she has no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt, or remorse. They could be your colleague, your neighbor, even family, and they can do literally anything at all and feel absolutely no guilt.