by Lark Voorhies

Shifting interests, he glances over to Cheri’sdirection.

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  • Published January 26th 2010 by iUniverse
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Shifting interests, he glances over to Cheri’s direction. This sweet face that has graced his coveted presence for so many years. He recalls to mind a series of their firsts. Their first glance, first dance, first kiss. The first time he had ever introduced a meaningful female to his mother, his beloved parents. And so soon into their relationship. Their first date, where he looked at her that way, vowing to make an honest woman of her someday. The night that he did. It made his heart sail to remember these moments that were special to his life. He had developed a keen affection for her. There was just something about her way that forced his hand in that manner. She was exceptional to him. And, though most days he kept this close chested, he knew it. Didn’t even mind allowing it to shine through on occasion. She deserved it, he confirmed. “You ready to go?” He finally confessed through the gritted teeth of his hard won, and, well worn articulation. “I’d like to be early. And, I know how you like to be in time, and, not on time. Well, I need this to go well tonight. So, do you think that you can do that for me?”