Paradise Updated

by Mic Looby

There are precious few places still untouched bytourism.

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 288 pages
  • Average Rating: 3.09 out of 5
  • Published 2009 by Affirm Press
  • ISBN: 9780980374
  • Edition Language: English
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There are precious few places still untouched by tourism. Paradise Lost? Chance would be a fine thing. More like Paradise Packaged, Marketed and Sold in Easy-to-Enjoy Portions. And if there’s money to be made shining light into the darkest corners of the world, SmallWorld wrote the book on it.Robert Rind is a legend in travel writing circles, fiercely independent and resolutely old school. Too old school. The Company decides he’s a liability and sends young, pliable Mithra to tropical Maganda to take his place. But the guidebook writer’s life isn’t all bustling street markets and five-star resorts: as any seasoned traveller knows, things rarely go as planned and Robert Rind is unlikely to come quietly.