I and Thou

by Martin Buber, Walter Kaufmann

Martin Buber’s I & Thou has long been acclaimed as aclassic.

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 191 pages
  • Average Rating: 4.11 out of 5
  • Published February 1st 1971 by Charles Scribner's Sons (NY)
  • Original Title: Ich und Du
  • ISBN: 0684717255 (ISBN13: 9780684717258)
  • Edition Language: English
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Martin Buber’s I & Thou has long been acclaimed as a classic. Many prominent writers have acknowledged its influence on their work. Students of intellectual history consider it a landmark. The generation born since WWII considers Buber as one of its prophets. The need for a new English translation has been felt for years. The old version was marred by many inaccuracies & misunderstandings. Its recurrent use of the archaic “thou” was seriously misleading. Now Prof. Walter Kaufmann, a distinguished writer & philosopher in his own right who was close to Buber, has retranslated the work at the request of Buber’s family. He’s added a wealth of informative footnotes to clarify obscurities & bring readers closer to the original. He’s written a long Prologue that opens up new perspectives on the book & Buber’s thought. This volume should provide a new basis for all future discussions of Buber.