Granta 127: Japan (Granta #127)

by Yuka Igarashi, Sayaka Murata, Ginney Tapley Takemori, Toshiki Okada, Michael Emmerich, David Mitchell, Ruth Ozeki, Kyōko Nakajima, Ian M. MacDonald, Tao Lin, Yuji Hamada, Ivan Vartanian, Hiromi Kawakami, Lucy North, Kimiko Hahn, Hiroko Oyamada, Juliet Winters Carpenter, Yomiko Utsu, Pico Iyer, Andres Felipe Solano, Nick Caistor, Toh EnJoe, David G. Boyd, David Peace, Daisuke Yokota, Adam Johnson, Yukiko Motoya, Asa Yoneda, Rebecca Solnit, Tomoyuki Hoshino, Brian Bergstrom

Hello Kitty, earthquakes, manga, samurai, robots andsushi.

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 280 pages
  • Average Rating: 3.62 out of 5
  • Published April 24th 2014 by Granta Books
  • ISBN: 1905881770 (ISBN13: 9781905881772)
  • Edition Language: English
  • Series: Granta #127

Hello Kitty, earthquakes, manga, samurai, robots and sushi. These are some of the things we think about when we think about Japan. This small island nation looms large in the popular imagination, in often contradictory ways: as the epitome of refinement and tradition, and as an embodiment of a shiny, soulless future. What is Japan to those who really know it? This issue includes translated work from the most exciting Japanese writers today, alongside work in English. There will be contributions from the Man Asia-shortlisted Hiromi Kawakami, the Booker-shortlisted Ruth Ozeki, David Mitchell, David Peace, Richard Lloyd Parry and more.